St Lucia To Resume Hanging Criminals

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January 10, 2009

St Lucia’s government hopes to resume hangings as a deterrent to rising murder rates.According to a Privy Council ruling, St Lucia law limits time on death row to five years. Convicts whose appeals last longer are given life sentences. St Lucia reported 38 killings last year, 13 more than in 2007 and its last hanging was in 1995.

According to the Barbados Nation newspaper, Prime Minister Stephenson King said on Wednesday that the island needed to deal swiftly with those who had worn-out their appeals and that cases should he heard more quickly for the judges to set execution dates.

St Kitts carried out an execution last month, the first in ten years and Jamaica by a wide majority passed a motion a few weeks ago to retain the death penalty because of the increase in homicides.

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